How to become a Dive Master or Diving Instructor and turn your passion into your profession.


With the Dive Academy Internship…

You will be able to get your PADI Dive Master easily. Normally, it takes around 2 years to learn a trade.

Becoming a diving professional can take from 3 to 6 months.


Why become a PADI Dive Master or Diving Instructor?

More often than not people spend their lives doing a job that does not fulfill them. They long for their yearly holidays to come so they can do what they like the most.

Thanks to diving you can live you life while doing exactly what you are passionate about.

The best thing about this job is being in direct contact with nature. You can explore places where very few have been and have the opportunity to travel around the world diving. And in this case, earning money for it.

What requirements do you need to become a diving professional?

You must have the following certifications:


PADI Open Water. Basic title with which you can dive anywhere in the world up to 18 meters deepth.

PADI Advanced Open Water. You will learn more diving techniques, this will help you feel more comfortable in the water, being able to dive deeper (30 meters).

PADI Rescue diver: in order to start this course you must have the previous 2 courses and at least 20 dives.

To start the PADI Dive Master course you must have completed the three previous diving courses and have a minimum of 40 dives. Then to finish it you must have done at least 60 dives plus the theoretical and practical requirements.

With the Dive Master certification you can work guiding dives, doing snorkeling tours, assisting the instructors during the diving courses and doing Discover Scuba Diving experiences in confined water.

To become a diving instructor, the minimum requirements are to have the Dive Master course and at least 100 dives. Once you have completed these requirements, you can start the PADI IDC (instructor course) that lasts between 7 and 10 days. Then you must do 2 days of theoretical and practical exams with a PADI Course Director.

Once the course is finished you will be able to certify divers of all levels up to Dive master, guide dives and do Discover Scuba Diving experiences.


Is it very expensive to become a Dive master or instructor?

Like any course, it entails effort and an economic cost. But at Dive Academy Santa Pola we offer many advantages so that this course is accessible to everyone and you can become a diving professional.

At Dive Academy we have developed a learning program called INTERNSHIP.

In order to access this program we will ask you for some requirements and you will become part of the Dive Academy team.

You will learn everything about our dive center. The water part, how to deal with customers and students, logistics, office, equipment maintenance, boat handling (if possible). This way, when you decide to work as a diver, you will have very advanced knowledge that will be very valuable for other diving centers.

Is it difficult to work as a Dive Master or instructor after the Internship?


We prefer to hire the people we have trained, since they know perfectly how our dive center in Santa Pola works.

PADI also has a job platform where you can see job openings from around the world. The only thing you would have to do is send your CV to the dive centers that are looking for professionals and if they are interested in you they will contact you to work.

What certification do I need to start the INTERNSHIP?

You do not need to have a diving certification. Since you can do all the courses with us.

You only have one life so live it the way that makes you happy.

Contact us for more information, we will be happy to give you advise on how to fulfill your dreams.

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