Dive at Cabo de Palos

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  • Duration

    6 hours (approximately)

  • Where does the activity take place?

    Cabo de Palos (La Manga del Mar Menor)

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Cabo de Palos is a charming place located in La Manga del Mar Menor. It is very famous among divers for its huge marine reserve, numerous coves for scuba diving and its crystal-clear water.

First of all, we will set off from our dive centre in Santa Pola and drive to Cabo de Palos. We will have a fantastic day diving at Cabo de Palos. You will get to see the beautiful beaches here where any non-divers can wait while enjoying the sun and the great view.

Diving in Cabo de Palos is suitable for everyone, from beginners to experienced divers.

Price: 80€ for two dives per person + 20€ (equipment rental)

Make your reservation by leaving 40€ deposit:


Get to know Cabo de Palos (Cartagena)

The topography here is spectacular, there are a lot of rock corridors, slopes and some caves.

We will explore all the interesting spots here while looking for hidden marine life in the gaps. We can see soft coral, hard coral, sting rays, moray eels, octopus, cuttlefish, sea breams, nudibranchs and much more!

At around 5 meters there is a sunken metallic structure, it’s the remains of a towboat. On the sand bed that surrounds it we frequently see stingrays, butterfly rays and marbled electric rays.

There is also a small island, where we can usually se banks of thousands of bogues and their predators hunting. It’s a spectacle worth seeing! Also, if we are feeling adventurous, we can pass through a few tunnels. The great thing about Cabo de Palos is you can never know what to expect and it will surprise you more each dive.

We would recommend taking a snack with you to eat during the break between dives while we enjoy this breath-taking place.