PADI ReActivate (Refresh)

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  • Duration

    1 day

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    The diving spot varies

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Do you have a diving certification but you haven’t been diving for a while? Would you like to refresh your memory? Do you want to try your new diving equipment in a safe and controlled environment? The refresh course is the best option. Because after all, safety is the most important factor


What does it consist of?

During Padi Reactivate course you will go over the theory and do two dives in the sea. You will have a PADI instructor with you at all times. You will gain mor confidence, get used to diving again and learn how to use your new equipment. Overall, the refresh course will help you feel more comfortable under water.

What is included?


We will go over the safety procedures, how to set up the equipment, underwater hand signals and anything else that you have doubts about.


It includes 2 dives in the sea with a PADI instructor

Diving equipment

All the necessary diving equipment needed to carry out the activity is included in this course.


In order to take part in the PADI ReActivate course you must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a diving certification
  • Be at least 10 years old
  • Not have cardiorespiratory problems or serious health problems.
  • Not have persistent problems with your ears
  • Not be pregnant.
  • Have diving insurance (If you do not have diving insurance we can arrange when you start the course)


Once you have finished your refresh course, we are sure that you will have gained more confidence and feel safer underwater. Also, you can join us to dive at Tabarca Island Marine Reserve or one of the other fantastic diving trips that we arrange daily.