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Equipment maintenance and repair

Everyone loves having their own equipment, you are more comfortable under the water with it and it helps you improve your diving skills. 

It is essential to look after your diving equipment correctly and do maintenance on it regularly. If you follow the recommended practises, your diving equipment can last you forever. 

At Dive Academy we have technical service department and we can check all your equipment so you can enjoy it for many years. But, do not neglect it, because if you do its useful life will be a lot less. 

Scuba Diving Spain

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Tank check

If you have your own diving tank, you must have it checked periodically. These tests are strictly necessary and mandatory in order to maintain the tank and to ensure the safety of the person using it. 

There are two types of tests for diving cylinders. First of all, a visual inspection, your tank must have this done every year according to Spanish Law. Secondly, a hydrostatic test, this must be carried out every 3 years.

We can check your tank for you. Both the visual inspection and the hydrostatic test. Please remember that you must never handle a tank or open the valve, this must be done by an authorized inspection centre.

The price for the visual inspection is 50€

The price for the hydrostatic and visual inspection is 60€

* All tanks must be collected within 3 months of being tested. We reserve the right to recover any expenses through the sale of tanks that have not been collected.

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Fill your Scuba Diving tank

At our dive centre in Santa Pola we have a large 200 bar bottle compressor, you can come here and fill your tanks in just a few minutes. 

The price to fill you diving tanks is:

<10 litres 3€

10 litres 5€

12 litres 7€

15 litres 9€

* All tanks must be in date with their visual and hydrostatic tests before being filled, if you need them checking, we can do it for you. 

Diving insurance

All certified divers must have their own insurance to dive in Spain, this way you are covered in case of an emergency. 

If you do not have diving insurance or it has expired, we can arrange it for you the same day you go diving.

The prices are:

1-day 7€

1-week 16€

1-month 24€

1-year 40€

What does it cover?

We offer one of the best and most popular diving insurances around. It covers medical expenses, hyperbaric treatments, emergency repatriation, civil liability, etc.

With SEGURSUB’s diving insurance you will be covered anywhere in the world. Also, if you choose the yearly insurance we will give you an insurance card with your name and date of expiry. 

Second-hand diving equipment

We deal with a lot of second-hand diving equipment and we are experts in the field. We can advise you so you can buy good condition second-hand diving equipment at a good price. All second-hand equipment is checked and has the maintenance done before being resold.

You don’t always need the most expensive equipment; everyone is different and dives differently.

Contact us with no obligation, we will be more than happy to help you

Equipment rental 

If you are going to dive with us but you don’t have your own diving equipment, no problem. We have high quality diving equipment available for you to rent. We renew our rental equipment frequently so it’s always in good condition. 

We also regularly check our equipment to ensure the safety of all our customers.

The price for the full equipment rental if you are diving with us is 15€ or 5€ per piece of equipment if you do not need the full set. 

  • Diving computer rental 7€
  • Diving torch rental 7€

Also, if you wish, you can rent full diving equipment, including a 12-litre tank and weights so you can go diving without using Dive Academy’s logistics. The price for this option is 62€.

If you only need a certain part of the equipment, the price is 8€ per item. 

  • Diving computer rental 10€
  • Diving torch rental 10€

Medical certificate for Diving ( NOT MANDATORY )

In Spain, it is not mandatory anymore to have a medical certificate done every 2 years to dive. Also, if you would like to dive at Tabarca Island Marine Reserve, is not a requirement the medical certificate. 

The doctor will perform the necessary tests on you so he can determine if you are suitable to do recreational diving. Prevention is key in the diving industry and because of this there are very few recreational diving accidents in Spain. 

If you have had COVID-19, your lung capacity could have been affected. So, we would recommend you undergo a new medical examination to make sure that you are physically suitable for recreational diving.

How to get a medical certificate?

First of all, if you live in Spain, you must go to the pharmacy and by an official medical certificate sheet (hoja de reconocimiento medico). If you do not live in Spain, you can ask us for the PADI medical form or download it from the PADI website. Then, you must take the medical sheet to a doctor so you can have the relevant tests done, this way you can be sure you can fully enjoy the wonderful underwater world.

If you do not know where to get your medical certificate done, we will be happy to suggest several places.

Una vez completado satisfactoriamente las tres partes del curso, ¡obtendrás tu certificación PADI Open Water! Esto te acredita como buceador autónomo para bajar hasta 18 metros de profundidad en cualquier parte del mundo (12m para un junior Open Water entre 10-14 años). Además, la certificación PADI es la más reconocida a nivel mundial, no cauca ni hay que renovarlo.

Diving Equipment

Take a look at our diving equipment section, we are authorized distributors of most of the best diving equipment, spearfishing and swimming brands. Like for example, Aqualung, Cressi, Mares and Garmin. 

Buying diving equipment seems like quite an investment, but if you dive regularly it is worth it. You will practise your diving skills always using the same equipment. This means that you will get better every time. At first, diving equipment seems expensive, but if you look after it correctly and have the maintenance done frequently it can last you forever

We are experts in the brands that we work with so we can advise you and help you choose the perfect diving equipment. Send us an email and we will contact you straight away.