Snorkel at Tabarca Island

A unique experience

  • Duration

    5 Hours

  • Where is the activity done?

    Tabarca Island – Santa  Pola (Alicante)

  • Available Tickets


  • Price

    (non-snorkellers): 15€

Our famous Snorkel Safari at Tabarca Island is one of the best day trips around and is suitable for the whole family. Grab your swimsuit and towel and get ready to snorkel at Tabarca Island’s Marine Reserve. If anyone doesn’t fancy snorkelling, they can still join us to visit the island and enjoy the beaches and restaurants there.

Tabarca Island is the smallest permanently inhabited island in Spain. It was declared a marine reserve in 1986 (the first of its kind in Spain), the water around Tabarca offers a great variety of marine life and is perfect for snorkelling.

Price per person: €40 – Boat ride (non-snorkellers): €15

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When would you like to go snorkelling at Tabarca Island?

What does snorkelling at Tabarca consist of?

First of all, you will try on the snorkelling equipment and we will set of to the boat. The boat trip takes around 20 minutes and once we are there, we will start our snorkelling adventure!

We will snorkel in two different spots at Tabarca Island, which is right in front of Santa Pola’s coast. Each snorkelling session lasts around 45 minutes and there will be a guide with you the whole time. In between, we will take a break for lunch and then we will get back in the water to continue exploring. Your guide will decide the best snorkelling spot depending on the weather conditions and the level of the participants.

We will explore the little Island of La Galera or L’Escull Negre and the beautiful Tabarca caves in truly pristine, clear waters. Everyone agrees that our Snorkel Safari is a fabulous day for everyone and should not be left out from your holiday itinerary.

The activity lasts approximately 5 hours.

What is included?

Explication of the snorkelling spot and identification of the marine life that you can find there.

2 snorkelling sessions at Tabarca Island with a snorkel instructor.

Boat ride, to and from Tabarca Island.

Snorkelling equipment, including mask, snorkel, fins and wet suit (a wet suit is not necessary during the summer months)


To take part in this activity you must know how to swim.

All underage participant must be accompanied by an adult at all times.