Diving at Alicante

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It is a shore dive, so we enter the water from the coast gradually. This is very comfortable and gives you more control when starting the dive. The orography at this dive site makes a great environment for many types of species, since there are rocky areas, sandy bottom and large oceanic posidonia meadows. There is also a pier on the left side which helps keep the sea calm in this area.

We recommend bringing a towel and some lunch if you want to snack between dives.

We will be happy to show you this wonderful place where you can dive in Alicante.

PRICE: 80€ for two dives per person + 20€ (equipment rental)

Make your reservation by leaving 40€ deposit:


What type of fauna can we find?

Schools of many seabreams, mullets, thousands of bogues (which serve as food for many predators), barracudas, dentexes, jackfish, nudibranchs, octopuses, cuttlefish and on many occasions we see rays (butterfly ray or stingrays). It is also a nesting area and sometimes we find eggs from rays or a shark like the “Tintorera shark”.

Which will be the maximum depth?

The maximum depth of this dive is 9 meters and there are a few surprises that can only be found at Cala de la Palmera and we will be happy to show them to you.