PADI Advanced Open Water Course

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PADI Advanced Open Water

  • Duration

    2 or 3 days

  • Location

    Dive Academy Santa Pola
    The dive sites vary

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Do you want to continue moving forward and improve your diving skills enormously? If so, the PADI Advanced Open Water course is the one for you. 

During this course we will practise 5 enjoyable diving specialties, you will increase your knowledge and gain more confidence as a scuba diver in many different aspects. 

To complete this course, you do not have to be an “advanced” diver, it is designed to help you develop your skills and progress as a scuba diver. Also, you can start it right after finishing your PADI Open Water course. 

PRICE: 390€

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PADI Advanced Open Water

What does this course consist of?

The first step is to choose 5 specialties that you would like to learn more about. The only stipulation is that two of them are mandatory, Deep Diver and Navigation. Regarding the other 3 specialties, we can advise you so you can make the most appropriate decision.

Once you have chosen the specialties you must complete the theory for each one of them. After that we will do the practical part of the course in the sea. This consists of 5 dives in total, 1 per PADI specialty

PADI theory

You can complete the PADI Advanced Open Water theory online from the comfort of your own home, at your rhythm and in your preferred language. Or you can do a theory lesson with one of our PADI diving instructors. This option includes a book which you must collect at Dive Academy before starting the course. You will learn the necessary information to carry out each one of the adventure dives included in the course.

Dives in the sea

During the PADI Advanced Open Water course we will do one dive per specialty, this adds up to a total of 5 dives. Before each one of them your instructor will explain in detail what the procedures are and how the dive will be carried out.

What is included?


The PADI online theory learning materials or the PADI Advanced Open Water book


5 dives in the sea

Diving equipment

All the diving equipment necessary to complete the course is included in the price. You will also use a diving computer and a compass. 

Diving insurance during the course

The diving insurance is included in the price of the course during the 5 dives.


Once you have completed the course you will receive your PADI Advanced Open Water diving license.

PADI Advanced Open Water
PADI Advanced Open Water


In order to take part in the Advanced Open Water course you must meet the following requirements: 

  • Have your Open Water diver license, CMAS/FEDAS 1 star or equivalent
  • Be at least 12 years old
  • Not have cardiorespiratory problems or serious health problems.
  • Not have persistent problems with your ears
  • Not be pregnant.


Once you have finished the course you will receive your PADI Advanced Open Water license! In addition to gaining confidence and having extremely improved your diving skills throughout the different adventure dives.

This license also increases your maximum depth to 30 meters (21 meters for junior Advanced Open Water, between 12 and 14 years old).