• Duration

    11 Nov 2016 – 22 Nov 2016

  • Location

    Seminyak Beach – Ja Ay

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The oxygen provider course is extremely useful if you want to know how to help others if they need it.


What will you learn?

You will learn how to identify the possible illnesses, how to administrate oxygen correctly and how to be prepared to aid someone.

You’ll also learn about different injuries, emergency oxygen equipment types and safety procedures when you use oxygen. How to set up and dissemble emergency oxygen equipment and a one-way mask and breathing valve on a diver who is still breathing. How to use a pocket mask on a diver that is not breathing. 

What is included?

  • PADI Emergency oxygen provider manual that you must collect at Dive Academy

    Theory with one of our PADI instructors

    Emergency Oxygen Provider certification and card which will be delivered to your address


There are no requirements for this course, no age limit and no previous experience is needed.