• Duration

    11 Nov 2016 – 22 Nov 2016

  • Location

    Seminyak Beach – Ja Ay

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The wreck diver specialty is one of the most popular in the diving industry. Experience flying through a wreck, going in through the windows, out through the hatches and visiting the cabins.

When we dive in wrecks, we do not only see the boat or vehicle, but we also see the ecosystem that has formed because of it. 

It could be said that over the years an artificial reef forms on the wrecks where uncountable amounts species live and protect themselves. 

Some of the wrecks were sunken purposely and others by accident creating amazing anecdotes that will make you feel immersed in their story


What will you learn?

During the course you will learn wreck dive safety procedures, how to study it and make maps. How to use a spool and ropes to explore the wreck, finning techniques so you can dive inside wrecks safely and without lifting the sediment below you. 

What is included?

  • Equipment rental, spool, torch and diving computer
  • PADI wreck diver manual which you must collect at Dive Academy
  • 4 wreck dives 
  • Wreck diver certification and card


You must be at least 15 years old and have the PADI Adventure Diver certification or superior.