• Duration

    1 day – online theory or in-person

  • Location

    Dive Academy Santa Pola

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  • Price


The PADI Enriched Air (Nitrox) course is the most popular diving specialty. Because we increase the amount of oxygen in the air that we breath, we can extend our no decompression time, therefor we can stay underwater for longer. We will be able to do more dives in one day because we are absorbing less nitrogen. Moreover, the surface interval in between dives can be shorter and there are many more benefits which we will talk about during the course. 

This is the perfect Diving certification if you want to make the most of dives that are deeper than 18 meters. Also, for some diving holidays that we arrange, like liveaboards, the Enriched Air specialty is essential.


What Will you learn?

How to analyse a tank with an oximeter, how to calculate your maximum depth with the analysed percentage, the advantages and disadvantages of using Nitrox, how to program your diving computer for Nitrox, etc 

What is included?

The online Enriched Air nitrox course, you can study at your own rhythm, from home or you can choose the book version which you must collect at Dive Academy

Theory lesson taught by one of our PADI instructors 

Certification and your PADI Nitrox card that will be sent to your address. 


You must have at least the PADI Open Water diver certification and be at least 12 years old.

Nitrox course price (only theory) 115€

Nitrox course including 2 dives with enriched air 225€ (includes tanks and weights)

If you do not have your advanced course yet, ask at Dive Academy after finishing your Nitrox course. It can be credited towards your PADI Advanced Open Water course.