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Colder water can offer amazing visibility and more active marine life so don't stop diving because you dislike the cold. Learn new skills with a fun and informative course with a firm focus on buoyancy control. Use your suit to add and remove air for both insulation and buoyancy; practice getting out of a feet first ascent through the roll technique. 

For January, we have special offers on all Aqualung Drysuits - pop into the shop and check out the new Alaskan suit and the new Blizzard Pro. See the difference between a trilaminate and compressed neoprene suit. Toasty warm!


PADI Specialties allow you to develop your diving, develop your specific interests and develop towards PADI Master Scuba Diver - the pinnacle of recreational diving and as far as you can get without going 'Pro'.

Everyone likes to dive because diving is fun but some us...we just want to learn. If you have a thirst for more knowledge or just want to try something different, then a specialty course is exactly what you need. We offer most but not all specialty courses - ice diving for example, remember we are in the Med!!

Below you will find the 'PADI Ladder' which details the different routes you can take depending on your level. Take a look and see if anything interests you and double check if it is something we offer.


AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation
AWARE - Project Aware Specialist
Boat Diver
Cavern Diver
Deep Diver
Digital Underwater Photography
Dry Suit Diver
Emergency Oxygen Provider
Enriched Air (NITROX)
Equipment Specialist
Night Diver
Peak Performance Buoyancy
Underwater Navigator
Underwater Naturalist
Search and Recovery
Wreck Diver


Try out our latest specialty course which takes 2 days to complete. If you suffer with a bad back, want to enter wrecks and caverns with ease or would simply like to try something completely new, then go for it.

Your course will include a pool session to learn the new set up and practice your buoyancy before heading out to open water to experience three dives. You will learn to switch between two bottles to breathe both down equally helping to control your buoyancy.


Although most scuba dives are made with a buddy, an experienced diver may want or need to make dives without a partner. During the Self-Reliant Diver course, you learn about potential risks of diving alone and the value of equipment redundancy and necessary back-up gear. Over 3 dives you develop skills, becoming a stronger partner in a dive pair or team.

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Fill out the form and get in touch and we will answer all your questions on how to get your next PADI specialty card and tell you when the fun will begin.
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