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Advanced & adventure courses

Already certified as an Open Water diver? Brilliant!
Where do you go from here? There is so much further to progress and more experiences to encounter now you have your Open Water certification.
How about giving underwater photography a go or perhaps experiencing the thrill of diving a wreck or learning to identify the local marine animals?
At Dive Academy, we can take you on a whole host of adventure dives to help you progress your diving and continue the fun. Once you have 3 adventure dives under your belt you'll be a PADI adventure diver. With only 2 more adventure dives on top of that you'll proudly certify as an Advanced Open Water Diver. The only stipulation is that you must do Deep Diver and Navigation.
If you are not one for taking more examinations, that's not a problem. The advanced and adventure courses are not so theory intense. You get the option to take a book or upgrade to PDF or E-learning but there is no final exam. When you come to book in, you will be given the opportunity to discuss what adventure dives you can do. When this has been confirmed, you will simply just read those chapters. You must also complete the knowledge reviews but as they are open book they are easy. Your instructor will go through your answers during the course at the end of each diving day.

Course duration

Normally this course is a 2 day course but we can do it over 3 days. You have the option to take an extra fun dive on Day 3 or combine your course with a specialty.
What's also good to know is that your adventure dives count towards PADI specialities such as Peak Performance Buoyancy, Underwater Navigation and Boat Diver specialty to name a few. Get in touch with us if you want to find out the full range of specialties we offer or check our Specialties page for a full listing.

Reach out

If you decide to combine your advanced course with an extra specialty course we can offer a special price. Get in touch and we will email you the complete information pack and explain exactly how to book in for your PADI Advanced Open Water Course.
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