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Amanda Vandermiege - Manager

In 2005 Amanda decided that she’d had enough of cold Melbourne winters, swapped Australia for steamy Vietnam and soon found herself on her first dive in the Philippines… we have confirmed that she wasn’t on the run.
Immediately addicted she then spent the next few years diving some of the best spots in South East Asia and in 2014 packed in her real job to become a PADI Instructor

Since then, she and better half Johan have lived and worked in Indonesia and Dominican Republic before finally seeing the light and taking over Dive Academy.
Now ‘busy’ ‘managing’ Dive Academy Amanda is still not sure if you can really call this diving gig a ‘’job’’ - it’s just way too much fun to be work.

Certification: PADI Staff Instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor

Specialities taught:   Deep, Drift, Enriched Air Nitrox, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Photography, Underwater Navigation, Dive Against Debris, O2 Provider, Shark Conservation Diver, Night.

Johan Vandermiege - Manager

Johan really had no choice when it came to becoming a diver. He met Amanda while living in Vietnam and she persuaded (some would say 'coerced') him to do a Discover Scuba Dive. They then moved to Indonesia where he didn’t need any arm twisting to do his Open Water and Advanced courses.
Once a diver, Amanda’s evil plan was complete and wedding bells rang.

Johan is your go to man for all things Dive Academy.  He’s manager, diver, gear fixer, dog trainer and always easily bribed with a good Belgian beer (or three).  
The beer doesn’t have to be Belgian. 

Certification:  PADI Open Water Instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor

Specialities taught:   Deep, Dry, Enriched Air Nitrox, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Dive Against Debris, O2 Provider, Project Aware, AWARE Coral Reef Conservation, Sidemount.

Kyle Paterson

We work with local schools and whilst doing an Open Water Course as part of the school enrichment programme we met Kyle. When he was 16, his job interview went as follows: Wayne: What you doing this summer? Kyle: Nothing - why? Wayne: Wanna job? Kyle: Yeah. Kyle has since become an instructor and says this about himself: "Hi, my name is Suba Kyllllllleeeeeee, I am a 'G' cuz. I is an instrukta init bruv tingze. A like fish n tingze of the sea fam."

Certification:  PADI Staff Instructor

Wayne Fleet

Wayne took a rather unusual route to diving. He packed in his job in not so sunny Liverpool and headed to the Canaries to start working at a dive centre having never been under the water! Fortunately, he fell in love with the sea and a year later became a PADI Open Water Instructor. In 2013 Wayne moved to Santa Pola to take over Dive Academy running the business for just over four years.
2018 sees Wayne and Daisy start an exciting next business venture but will still be buzzing around Dive Academy helping out with students and generally annoying the locals.

Certification:  PADI Instructor

Daisy Foulkes

Daisy may not look old enough but she has been diving for over twelve years! No honestly.
In 2007 Daisy moved with her family to the Canaries and in 2011 started running the office of a large dive centre in Fuerteventura where she met some bloke called Wayne. Daisy certified as a Divemaster in 2015 and following two years of constant stalking/courting/flirting she finally gave in and moved to Santa Pola to be with the man of her (and only her!) dreams.
We like to think of it as a Shrek and Princess Fiona moment.

Certifcation: Divemaster

Derrick Foskett

Derrick is another of our long term members of staff. Unfortunately he is not so active with scuba diving since he had a problem with his ear last season. However, Derrick simply cannot stay out of the water and he is now one of our most active snorkel guides. He is still an assistant instructor and can teach swimming pool courses such as bubblemaker and seal team. As an Emergency First Response Instructor, you may get to do your first aid course with Derrick.

Certification:  Assistant Instructor

Phil Beavan

Phil discovered scuba diving in 2001, loved it and then did absolutely nothing about it for the next eight years. In 2009, he certified as a PADI Open Water Diver becoming a PADI Divemaster in 2012.
Having dived extensively in the Mediterranean and the Canaries, Phil became a PADI Instructor in 2013.  Since then we have been actively trying to figure out what it is he actually does around the dive centre – if you do manage to work it out then please let us know – there’s probably a prize fund somewhere.

Certification: PADI Specialty Instructor, Emergency First Response Instructor

Specialities taught:   Deep, Drift, Emergency Oxygen, Enriched Air, Peak Performance Buoyancy, Photography, Wreck.

Sarah Pooley

Sarah started her diving career in 2011 and became a Master Scuba Diver in 2014.  Sarah’s main role appears to be the thankless task of trying to remind the rest of us that we are supposed to be adults – a thankless task that she probably doesn’t deserve.
Beyond this Sarah does all things digital for Dive Academy.  We have no idea what this means… just that it doesn’t work when we get it wet and Sarah shouts at us.

Certification: PADI Master Scuba Diver, Emergency First Responder 


Deco is probably the only one who genuinely knows what’s going on around here – so worth keeping him on side.
A trained killer with frightening reflexes (he only looks like he’s asleep) Deco is responsible for rounding up stray divers and snorkelers as well as convincing them that he has never been fed… ever… and persuading them to part with anything edible.
Be warned – he also does non-edible so if you are looking for an excuse for a new dive mask he can help.

Certification: DSD (Dive Shop Dog)

Specialities taught:   Begging, licking, general destruction and chaos, cuddles.

Caution: Do not feed after midnight.


Hello I am Snorkel. I was born here in the Marina with my sister Scuba. My sister went to live with some nice people but I always ran away so they couldn't take me away from my lovely tree. Wayne fed me every day and when I gained a little more trust I started to use the Dive Centre as my home. I spend all day lazing in the Spanish sun and sometimes, if I am too lazy and I don't run away, you can tickle me under my neck. I like that. I love you.

Certification:  Computer Acquisition Technician (CAT)


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