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Wayne Fleet - Owner and PADI Instructor

Wayne is the owner of Dive Academy. In 2011 he left Liverpool to help his brother realise his dream of becoming a PADI scuba diving instructor. He had a Discover Scuba Dive and fell in love with the sea. At the dive centre they asked if he wanted to become a dive centre helper in return for some courses. After climbing the 'PADI ladder' he didn't stop there and within a year became an Open Water Scuba Instructor. Just over two years' as a recreational diver and he became the proud owner of Dive Academy and moved to Santa Pola.

Daisy Foulkes - Divemaster/Office Manager

This is our absolutely gorgeous Daisy who you will meet in the office to talk you through your options and book you in. In 2007 Daisy moved to Fuerteventura where she had previously been on holiday, scuba diving in 2005. In the same year as Wayne she too started working at the same dive centre and became a Divemaster in 2015. Following two years of constant flirting she finally gave in and fell in love with Wayne. They lived happily ever after.

Kyle Paterson - PADI Staff Instructor

We work with local schools and whilst doing an Open Water Course as part of the school enrichment programme we met Kyle. When he was 16, his job interview went as follows: Wayne: What you doing this summer? Kyle: Nothing - why? Wayne: Wanna job? Kyle: Yeah. Kyle has since become an instructor and says this about himself: "Hi, my name is Suba Kyllllllleeeeeee, I am a 'G' cuz. I is an instrukta init bruv tingze. A like fish n tingze of the sea fam."

Said Rodriguez - PADI Instructor

Dive Academy has grown over the years and when Wayne decided to expand the team he advertised for a new member of staff. In October 2016 started the latest member of the team 'Said' pronounced 'Syeed'. He has instantly become a valued member of staff here and the dive centre is full of fun and energy. For sure if you visit Dive Academy Said will have you drinking a lovely glass of red before no time.

Luis Miguel Cacho Barbado - Boat Captain

We met Luis last summer but could only have him for 2 days each week. This year we made sure he was free all summer and means we offer boat dives whenever you want. Luis says: "I am the captain of Delfin Tres dive boat at Dive Academy. I have been working on the sea for 14 years after starting out as a mariner and later becoming an engineer, I have been a captain for 10 years. I have always worked on passenger boats and love to work with people."

Derrick Foskett - Assistant Instructor

Derrick is another of our long term members of staff. Unfortunately he is not so active with scuba diving since he had a problem with his ear last season. However, Derrick simply cannot stay out of the water and he is now one of our most active snorkel guides. He is still an assistant instructor and can teach swimming pool courses such as bubblemaker and seal team. As an Emergency First Response Instructor, you may get to do your first aid course with Derrick.

Snorkel - Dive Centre Cat

Hello I am Snorkel. I was born here in the Marina with my sister Scuba. My sister went to live with some nice people but I always ran away so they couldn't take me away from my lovely tree. Wayne fed me every day and when I gained a little more trust I started to use the Dive Centre as my home. I spend all day lazing in the Spanish sun and sometimes, if I am too lazy and I don't run away, you can tickle me under my neck. I like that. I love you.

Darwin - Dive Centre Dog

Hello I am Darwin the newest addition to Dive Academy. I am currently in training and sometimes I don't listen. I really want to impress but my laziness gets the better of me. Sometimes I will literally just look at you and not do anything at all even if you ask me nicely. I try to eat Snorkel's food every day and she scratches me when I try to play. I promise I will be better when I grow up but I won't bite you, I love you.